Trial Training

The fusion of chess and boxing into the new sport of chessboxing constantly brings new experiences for coaches, athletes and spectators.

If you would like to do up to three trial trainings on any training day with us, please fill out the adjacent form here.

Your free training

Anyone:r who is thinking of practicing chess boxing as a sport is invited to come by for a tryout.

We are happy about every new chess boxer!

Pack your sports bag and come to us. Bring sports shoes (or boxing shoes; make sure they don't have a black sole; that leaves marks on the gym floor), sports pants, sports shirt, bandages, mouth guard and if necessary your boxing gloves and jump rope.

You can get bandages and mouthguards in any major sports store, in the sports departments of department stores or even online.

We won't let you put on boxing gloves without bandages or you'll get blisters.

Oh yes: Outside of Corona time we are happy to provide gloves (not just for tryouts), our closets are full of them!

What else do we put? Here is a list:

  • - Gloves (for partner exercises, for sandbag or also for sparring or fighting)
  • - Skipping ropes
  • - Boxing hall including boxing ring, sandbags, wall equipment, locker rooms and showers
  • - Chess boards, pieces, chess clocks, plus game tables and benches.
  • - 8 Trainers
  • - 60 active, excellent members

In short, we provide pretty much everything.

The best days for a trial training are:


19:50-21:20 Boxing training with Eduardo and Ole - beginners and advanced.


18:00-20:00: Chess boxing training with Eduardo and Alina/Arik - chess theory and tactics plus boxing technique and strength training.

Frequently asked questions

"Do I have to know how to play chess to join you? ”

Clear yes. Interested parties should have knowledge beyond the beginner stage, especially in chess, or have the motivation to acquire this knowledge and playing skills themselves.

"Do I need to know how to box? ”

It would be desirable. Basic knowledge of boxing (or any other combat sport) is an advantage. If you are athletic (and fit, and have good physical coordination) you will learn boxing quickly. People have already learned boxing in our club. However, we do not offer courses (even for beginners), we have only the "running operation".

"Do you offer women's training as well? ”

With us, the women train together with the men.

"How old do you have to be to participate? ”

We have no restrictions, but openly admit that we do not (yet) have our own junior department. Our youngest at the moment is 16 years old. Our oldest is in his late 50s.

"What does membership actually cost? Are there any discounts? ”

All about membership fees and discounts you will find in our current fee schedule on our membership application at the download page.

"I'm only in Berlin for 3 months and it's not worth becoming a member. Can I still come to train? ”

In addition to the normal club membership, we also offer a one-time 3-month membership. The one-time membership costs 110,- €. You can download the information here on our download page.

"How many people train with you on average?

Usually between 10 and 20 per training session.

"Do you only speak German during training or also English?

The club language is German, but you will often hear English, and just as often Spanish, Dutch, French... a coach is from Cuba, the treasurer is from Venezuela, the sports director is half French, the club founder is from Rotterdam... We are an international club. No wonder: we are in Mitte!

"Should I check in with the coach when I come to my tryouts? ”

Do that. You won't get any special treatment for it, but at least we'll know you're there. And be sure to talk to people who train with you, they always know the answer to your questions.

"I don't have any bandages. Can I come anyway? ”

We do not have bandages on site. Please bring a pair with you (they cost approximately 5,- € at regular stores).

"How many times can I come train on a trial basis? ”

Exactly three times.

"If I want to become a member after the trial training: how does this proceed? ”

Talk to the trainer or one of the members and get the application form in your hand. You can also download the application form here. Fill it out and hand it in to the trainer in the hall.

"When is the best day for a trial? ”

Monday for the pure boxing training, and Friday for the original combo chess boxing.


The training takes place here:

Franz Mett Sports Hall
Boxing room (underground)
Gormannstrasse 13
10119 Berlin-Mitte

So you're standing in front of the wide staircase at Franz Mett Hall, scratching your head in embarrassment.

You spot (yes, there on the left behind the tree about) two windows through which you recognize a couple of punching bags, even a boxing ring.

Yes, that's your goal, that's where you have to go.

You go up the wide stairs, through the main entrance of the hall, and immediately turn half left and after 10 meters you pass through an open door. This is followed by a long corridor, which you go all the way to the back, and follow the stairs down.

If you don't go further down, you'll be stranded in an antechamber; there's only one passage leading out (to the left), and as soon as you're standing in this passage you'll see an iron door immediately to the right.

Behind it we are waiting for you.

Directions By Subway, Tram Or Bus

U8: stop "Rosenthaler Platz" or "Weinmeisterstraße" - both are good

U2: stop "Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz" - can also be done

Tram M1 and Tram M8: Stop "Rosenthaler Platz"

Bus 142: The bus stop in Torstraße is called "Rosenthaler Platz"

(for Trail-Training push the button up-right!)

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