With two chess players there is a match at some point. With two boxers there is a fight at some point. With chess boxers it is quite the same: the fight comes...

The Differences

In the world of Chessboxing, we currently distinguish between two categories of fights.

On the one hand, there are the large, medially enhanced event fights with many spectators in a stately location (regularly and internationally organized by the WCBO based in Berlin).

On the other hand there are the small fights, where the pure sport is in the center - completely without media, almost without audience - and these competitions are carried out by the club itself.

These "small" fights regularly take place in an intimate setting within the club, in our training hall.

We call them: the training championships.

Training championships

They are organized by our sports director, and financed by the club treasury.

It is the perfect setting for the first (and also the tenth) chess boxing match of a club member.

Because only club members are allowed as fighters and spectators, and if one of the fights is a nuisance, then it is not the next day in the newspaper.

Total beginners as well as advanced may aplly for the training championships.

If you want to know what rules we fight by there, read this info sheet.

You want to fight in the club?

Here's how:

Step 1

Write an email to our sports administrator and tell him that you would like to fight. Ultimately, the sports director alone decides on all pairings in consultation with the coaches.

Step 2

Download and print the Training Championships registration form.

Complete all pages and turn in the application (signed on all pages) to the club either to a coach, or directly to the Athletic Director or other members of the Board.

Step 3

Obtain a medical certificate attesting to your fitness for combat. It is valid for one year, after which it must be renewed for one year. As long as the certificate is valid, you can fight with us. We will not let anyone in the ring without a certificate.

For the certificate, you will go to a sports doctor for a stress ECG, have him take a few drops of blood, and do some simple gymnastic exercises. The certificate is for your protection. You should get it as soon as possible. Usually your health insurance will cover the cost of the certificate; the club will not.

The following doctors for example issue certificates:

  • Dr. Ulfhard Manthei, Motzstaße. 65 in Berlin-Kreuzberg (Tel. 030-2112621)
  • Dr. Ulrich Klebe, Sonnenallee 132 in Berlin-Neukölln (Tel. 030-6875042)
  • Dr. Carsten Schwarz, Auguststraße 1 in Berlin-Mitte (Tel. 030-28044999)

The certificate is to be handed in to the coaches, or to the board of directors, or directly to the sports director.

Step 4

Choose your "second" for your fight, who will help you in preparation and during the fight in the ring corner. Your fight opponent will naturally have a different second. Seconds can be: Robert, Eduardo,  Ole or feel free to have someone else.

Step 5

Come for the duration of the 6-week fight preparation at least three times (better yet train four or five times a week).

Make sure you eat healthy and also get enough rest. Stay away from beer, wine, cigarettes and other debilitating stimulants for a while.

Because you want to be absolutely fit.

Your opponent is.

You can count on it.


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