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Because quite confidently: We predict a great future for Chessboxing. What started here in Berlin - with the first chess boxing club in the world - is now also taking place in London, Moscow, Vienna, Tehran, Calcutta and Shanghai.

Chess boxing is attractive to an international community, to people with brains and power, with style and real sportsmanship. We would be happy to discuss with you how you can bring the spirit of Chess Boxing Berlin together with the communication goals of your company and your brand, so that both partners benefit in the long term: Our club through your support (financially, communicatively or in the form of sports equipment) - and you through addressing interesting target groups with an innovative, exciting and at the same time immensely entertaining sport. We are already happy about two sponsors: The sports supplier Ben Lee has equipped our club with boxing material and the brand agency Realgestalt, Berlin, has designed our logo. Many thanks for that and here's to continued good cooperation.

Our Question to You Today Is

Would you also like to be a sponsor of the first chess boxing club in the world?

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